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Posted Sun 22 February 2015

3. The Video: Sponge From Water $31.5m

My son only liked the superhero parts which was the last 20-28mins of the movie.... Good fun for Spongebob fans. By jgballar the spongebob: movie sponge out of water 3D By sawilliams236 My FAVORITE Nickoledeon cartoon is SPONGEBOB SQUAREPANTS I My FAVORITE Nickoledeon cartoon is SPONGEBOB SQUAREPANTS I My FAVORITE Nickoledeon cartoon is SPONGEBOB SQUAREPANTS I My FAVORITE Nickoledeon... False Advertisment By kenofadam Like many reviews on here, I am also pointing out that the first hour was all cartoon and then they came out of water for about 20 minutes.

1. Fifty Shades of Grey $85.2M

USA Today By Claudia Puig Sitting through the turgid and tedious S&M melodrama that is Fifty Shades of Grey may feel like its own form of torture. Read the series before judging By kimmelkimmy2 I've read the series 3 times and have been anticipating the movie, hoping Hollywood doesn't make this into just a steamy sex movie. I've also been disturbed by some of the reviews i've read about... READ THE BOOKS YOU JUDGEMENTAL IDIOTS!!!! By ibqueenbee36 And stop reviewing a movie you haven't even seen and bombarding this page with 1 ratings, you just look like feminist fools!

4. American Sniper $16.4M

Rolling Stone By Peter Travers Eastwood, working from a script that Jason Hall adapted from Kyle's 2012 memoir, fuses the explosive and the sorrowful as only he can.... Slant Magazine By Chuck Bowen Clint Eastwood startlingly grips the audience with his sense of hypnotic silence, which carries suggestions of what might be termed... ReelViews By James Berardinelli The movie not only represents the best effort from Eastwood since his Oscar-winning "Million Dollar Baby" but the finest acting we have... Chicago Sun-Times By Richard Roeper American Sniper isn’t some flag-waving political movie. It’s a powerful, intense portrayal of a man who was hardly the blueprint candidate...

2. Kingsman: The Secret Service $36.2M

But the story telling lacked detail and depth, so only one there..

5. Jupiter Ascending (2015) $9.3M

I actually found myself enjoying parts of this film.I suppose it's sort of fun and well done for a... amazing By jwfootball13 It is the kill la kill of spy movies. It's so ridiculous and has no right to work but it was amazing. Absolutely phenominal....

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