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Posted Tue 30 December 2014

Do Cops Treat Blues And Whites Similarly?

This makes personal mistakes inescapable, but being a team, police deserve our assistance and respect regardless. Imagined #2: That assistance shouldn’t be blind.

The Best Threads Of 2014: “Busted With The Eggcorn”

My friend says, “First of all, they do have epidermis – underneath their feathers – and minute, exactly what does that have related to heaven?” Child: “because whenever you reach heaven, Christ requires all of your cases!” This is an atheist family – he's no thought how his son discovered Hannibal Lecter Jesus. Another religious misfire: Thanks To Scott Walker: “Molotov” in lieu of “Mazel Tov”.

The Afghanistan Battle Finishes … On-Paper

However during 2002 and 2003, the common quantity of U.S. soldiers in Afghanistan never topped 10,400. That means the amount battling there during its first couple of years will be topped by the forces quit in country following the war.

The Most Viral Articles Of The Season

listed here are the five hottest posts of the entire year, the ones that went viral, the ones that for whatever reason or another, took off. Exactly what the Heck Just Occurred in Kansas?

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