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Posted Sat 24 January 2015

Excellent Data 2015 Spring Time Restrictions

It wouldn't tank any more gas.

Need some Help Fuel sending unit????

Latest update looks like it's only to update if you have a MotorGuide trolling motor or Merk.

Good Information ACE in kilmarnock sale

Supposedly the some charter guys and CCA aren't real happy about Maryland going after the bigger female fish. Heard MSSA management is against the new proposal and wants to keep it at 36" and up.

Good Information Lowrance Gen2 Update 12/2/14

I was in the fishing section today and they just put out some plastics that they want to get rid of quick. Tons of plastic worms of all colors $2 a bag. Fat plastic curly tail grubs in various colors, $2 a bag(would be great for the salt water).

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