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Posted Mon 15 December 2014

Farah Requires Some Random Individual Brz Out To Get A Testdrive

Matt Farah Takes Some Random Dude's Subaru BRZ Out For a Test Drive Subaru Videos Review Test Drive Sports Cars That might sound like he stole it, but don't worry, he didn't. We’ve seen Matt Farah testing out a fair number of supercars on "the snake," but this time he took a slightly different approach to making a video. It’s just some guy and his everyday sports car with some everyday bolt-on upgrades, turning the keys over to Farah for a test drive down the snake. It’s no doubt much more relatable for a great many more people, and it’s genuinely more interesting than quite a lot of the relentlessly practical reviews of more affordable cars.

GM and Ford Are Both Working to Convert Pickup Trucks into EVs

In other words, EV pickups are in their earliest stages and both automakers also wouldn’t mind for the US Department of Energy to subsidize some of the expected high engineering costs that will be involved. Until now, only Bob Lutz's Via Motors has done any real EV truck work . The number of plug-in hybrids and EVs on the road in the US is still fairly small when compared to gas powered vehicles, but analysts are predicting that green vehicles will increase in popularity.

Presenting the Top Gear: Patagonia Special Trailer - Sans Lynch Mob

So how’s Palmer going to fix AM?

Aston Martin Needs Cash In Order to Achieve a Real Turnaround

Clarkson, Hammond, and May managed to piss off some Argentinians and even the military. They were then forced to flee the South American country in a hurry. Lynch mobs will make anyone flee. It was all because of Clarkson’s license plate, which read "H982 FKL," and interpreted as a reference to the 1982 Falklands War between Argentina and the UK. Argentina lost and some hostility still remains.

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