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Posted Mon 02 February 2015

Pitch-perfect 2 Truck Bay Join The Competition?!

The entire audience left the theater in complete silence, either in awe of the movie or the main character. See.... A movie that stays with you By vsterling423 American Sniper paints a portrait of a patriot and the family he loves but puts on the back burner to support his country. Moments of the film are still haunting me days later.

Super Bowl Halftime: Katy Perry Roars With Major Assist From Missy Elliot

But, we regress. This Super Bowl Pitch Perfect 2 trailer is all about those Packers, specifically Clay Matthews III, Don Barclay, David Bakhtiari, Josh Sitton and TJ Lang, just a few of Green Bay’s finest.

3. Project Almanac $8.5M By Susan Wloszczyna San Francisco Chronicle By High on fun but low on depth, Project Almanac is told entirely from the perspective of a video camera, which instantly made me regret that... Variety By Peter Debruge Evaluated on the concept’s own terms, the script clearly could have used another do-over or two before Israelite and his cast took the... Perfect example of why audiences care more about the walking dead or american horror story By rlterry1 Pass the Dramamine–please! Follow this haphazard, ludicrous plot of found footage in this somewhat suspenseful young adult movie about time travel. "Project Almanac" is one of the last films to round...

2. Paddington $8.5M

Super Bowl Halftime: Katy Perry Roars With Major Assist From Missy Elliott TV | By Matt Donnelly on February 1, 2015 @ 6:07 pm Follow @MattDonnelly So how did Katy Perry do? The Pepsi Super Bowl Half Time show went down in Arizona on Sunday, as the New England Patriots and Seattle Seahawks sat tied at 14, delivering a once-in-a-career spotlight to pop minx Perry — and she didn’t disappoint. Given the mega-selling artist has always had an affinity for the cartoonish, her set pieces were fitting for an event like the Super Bowl: a massive metallic lion, twerking chess pieces and dancing sharks and beach balls peppered her performance. Also Read: ‘Furious 7′ Super Bowl Spot: Paul Walker, Vin Diesel Team Up for ‘One Last Ride’ (Video) Lenny Kravitz joined her in a cover of “I Kissed A Girl,” showing up briefly and rather anticlimactically. The day was saved by a super-svelte, much-appreciated Missy Elliott as she danced through a medley of her classics.

1. American Sniper $31.8M

Cute, funny, touching, suspenseful, it's got it all! Pack up the kids and go and see it NOW so Hollywood knows we want more like this (yes,...

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