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Posted Fri 13 February 2015

Such As A Foxnews Fever Dream

McDonald is a Republican.

Marcotte on the Case

The City of Paris has decided to sue Fox News for its bogus coverage of the Muslim "no-go" zones in the city. Will Bobby Jindal be hauled in as an unindicted coconspirator?

Who Could Have Imagined

You gotta watch this homemade video of the effect gay marriage is NOT having in Alabama: "It looks like we're pretty safe here in Blount County, and we're not going to be subjected to any kind of plagues of homosexuals falling from the sky."

VA Chief Gives Congressman Short Lesson in STFU

For Prime members, I want to flag your attention to a new set of changes we've made to the Prime edition of the site. We've now removed all but two of the ad placements on TPMLivewire story pages. Let us know what you think.

For Prime Subscribers

Marcotte: Muslim student murders a wake-up call: Atheists are capable of intolerance/violence too . I actually have some thoughts on this topic myself which I'll return to later today.

BREAKING: Homos NOT Falling From Sky In Alabama

"The ex-wife of the man suspected of murdering three Muslim students Tuesday near the University of North Carolina described him as a person with "no compassion" who was obsessed with a movie about a shooting rampage." Read more .

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