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Posted Sun 21 September 2014

Unexpected Development

I was heartened by this because this has been a pet issue of mine going back to the months just after 9/11.

We're All Georgians Now ... And We're Living in Brooklyn

This is a seeming reversal from Kobach's earlier stated plan to delay the issuance of those ballots until Democrats submitted a new nominee. If you're new to the story, the previous Democratic nominee withdrew from the race as part of a pretty obvious but still unconfirmed Dem plan to clear the field for independent Greg Orman to take on incumbent Sen. Pat Roberts (R-KS). Kobach, for his part, has been trying to thwart that plan.

That Names Already Taken

We got a huge number of great reader emails in response to my post about "homeland security." One of them came from TPM Reader BD ... And why on earth was the agency not named the Department of National Security, which would have been the most natural formulation in the world and yet still serve to warm the hearts of the Cheney-Krauthammer claque of folks who like to think they're more serious-minded, vigilant, rock-ribbed, etc. than the rest of us?

Freak Flag Fly

North Carolina Republican House candidate open to war with Mexico over immigration and drugs, with lasers if necessary.

I'll Take Tony, Omar, And Swearengen

Wow, there's actually a TV show where the premise is "doctor stranded at cocktail parties in Hamptons forced to Macgyver his way out of medical emergencies"?

"Homeland" And Other Un-American Words and Ideas

The joker Georgian President who inspired John McCain to tell us "We're All Georgians Now" is now living as a hipster in Brooklyn.

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